Dried and Screened - Our processing plant in central Pennsylvania dries and screens aragonite according to the specific application. Aragonite is the ideal calcium carbonate for glass producers because its very low iron content, less than 100 parts per million(limestone is 500 parts per million or higher), and its crystalline structure, which has superior melting characteristics. For power plants, aragonite is highly reactive for SO2 absorption and pollution control. Aragonite is also used in the fracking, oil cementing, and spill remediation markets.

Aragonite Chips - We create a coarse and gritty aragonite that competes directly with oyster shells. Aragonite chips are much more effective than a traditional limestone because of its solubility, crystalline structure and its chemical purity. Aragonite chips helps to bolster egg quality and reduce breakage, while also promoting bird blood health and bone strength. Aragonite also contains strontium, which has been proven to repair and fortify bones.

Aragonite Chips
Damp Aragonite - Damp aragonite is effective as an organic soil enhancer/PH adjustment tool.

We offer processed aragonite into the glass, agriculture, and environmental industries.

Aragonite vs Limestone Microscopy Aragonite Specs